collaborate the screen

Suppose you want to show your your friend how to solve a problem, but you are on a remote location.

Solution is to collaborate the screen.

STEP #1 Should have "screen" package installed on machines, using yum or rpm, then

ssh -Y yourusername@remote-machine

(normally you need to login as root)

STEP #2 Once you are there run

screen -S anyname

STEP #3 - Then tell your friend to run this command

screen -x anyname

This will make your and your friend's sessions joined together in the Linux shell.
You can type or he can type, but you'll both see what the other is doing.
The benefit is that your friend can watch your troubleshooting skills and see exactly how you solve problems.

The one caveat to this trick is that you both need to be logged in as the same user.

To detach from it and leave it open, type: Ctrl-A+D.

You can then reattach by running the

screen -x anyname
command again.

Can read more information using "

man screen

Enjoy the spirit of SHARING and COLLABORATING.


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