Starting / Stopping the Oracle RAC Cluster

At this point, we've installed and configured Oracle RAC 10g entirely and have a fully functional clustered database.
After all the work done up to this point, you may well ask, "OK, so how do I start and stop services?" If you have followed the instructions in this guide, all services—including Oracle Clusterware, all Oracle instances, Enterprise Manager Database Console, and so on—should start automatically on each reboot of the Linux nodes.
There are times, however, when you might want to shut down a node and manually start it back up. Or you may find that Enterprise Manager is not running and need to start it. This section provides the commands (using SRVCTL) responsible for starting and stopping the cluster environment.
Ensure that you are logged in as the oracle UNIX user. We will runn all commands in this section from linux1:
# su - oracle

$ hostname
Stopping the Oracle RAC 10g Environment
The first step is to stop the Oracle instance. When the instance (and related services) is down, then bring down the ASM instance. Finally, shut down the node applications (Virtual IP, GSD, TNS Listener, and ONS).
$ export ORACLE_SID=orcl1
$ emctl stop dbconsole
$ srvctl stop instance -d orcl -i orcl1
$ srvctl stop asm -n linux1
$ srvctl stop nodeapps -n linux1
Starting the Oracle RAC 10g Environment
The first step is to start the node applications (Virtual IP, GSD, TNS Listener, and ONS). When the node applications are successfully started, then bring up the ASM instance. Finally, bring up the Oracle instance (and related services) and the Enterprise Manager Database console.
$ export ORACLE_SID=orcl1
$ srvctl start nodeapps -n linux1
$ srvctl start asm -n linux1
$ srvctl start instance -d orcl -i orcl1
$ emctl start dbconsole
Start/Stop All Instances with SRVCTL
Start/stop all the instances and their enabled services. I have included this step just for fun as a way to bring down all instances!
$ srvctl start database -d orcl

$ srvctl stop database -d orcl

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